Take Me to Your President is another brilliant political satire...


After chasing his dog (who was chasing a rabbit), a simple farmer from a small village in England finds himself inexplicably on board a top-secret intergalactic missile.


Before he can sort it out, the farmer finds himself touching down in the United States of America where he is mistaken for a Martian.


And now it's up to him to bring world peace.


"Once again Leonard Wibberley--author of The Mouse That Roared--has conjured a unique sort of comedy from a blend of fantasy, blandly satirical spoofing, and sound common sense."—New York Herald Tribune Book Review


​"Leonard Wibberley is one of the few men, in this gloomy age of atom-smashing, guided missiles and horror bombs, who has retained his sense of proportion about life. He is still able to laugh at it and, better still, to persuade others, lots of others, that they may laugh with him without setting off the H-bomb."—The Los Angeles Times

A Feast of Freedom is a brilliant spoof of international affairs—an irresistible blend of humor and satire that is as delightful, as timely, and as deliciously cunning as The Mouse That Roared.


While visiting cannibals on a small South Pacific island, the Vice President gets into a stew—literally—causing an international incident that only Leonard Wibberley could concoct.


“Another wildly funny, enormously readable, strangely applicable novel from the pen of a gifted writer”—Los Angeles Times

“A Feast of Freedom must certainly be put along side The Mouse That Roared in anyone’s library, if he has any humor or wit or common sense.”—Robert Nathan, author of The Bishop’s Wife


“Mr. Wibberley is a funny man.”—The New Yorker Magazine

“Legitimate chuckles.”—The New York Times


★★★★★ “This is one of my favorite books. I read it for the first time when I was in high school, and loved it. I reread it every couple of years. It’s really hard to resist cannibals who eat the Vice President. This satire is as apt today as it was fifty years ago. I laugh every time I read it.”—Amazon Review

Sometimes there are just too many rules, even when you are set to be a ruler someday...

Princess Pamela will one day be Queen of England, but all she really wants is a little freedom.

So she escapes Buckingham palace, and adventure ensues...

Escape from Buckingham Palace combines Arthurian legend and Leonard Wibberley's trademark humor to give the reader a wry commentary on government that's organized, nationalized, impersonalized, bureaucratized, and held together by red tape.

Also published under the title, The Quest of Excalibur.


“Few writers have so luxuriant an imagination as that engaging Irishman, Leonard Wibberley.”—The Philadelphia Inquirer

“As in The Mouse that Roared, in his new novel, Leonard Wibberley writes so plausibly about the implausible that the reader willingly even happily suspends disbelief... For all the spoofing, there is an undercurrent of the poetic and a touch of wistfulness for a more humane society.”—Richard Armour, American Poet and Shakespeare Scholar

★★★★★A Real Treat: Wryly Funny Yet Romantic!”—Amazon Review

Adventures of an Elephant Boy is another brilliant political satire filled with heart and humor by the author of The Mouse That Roared.

Living in a quiet village on the Ganges River with the freedom to do as he pleases, a simple elephant boy named Hari Ranjit Singh is selected by the Best of All Possible Nations (any resemblance to the U.S.A. being wholly intentional) to be its personal guest. On his way there, Hari learns that in order to have liberty and happiness in the rest of the world, you need lots of laws...lots and lots of laws.

“Another hilarious Swiftian satire by the master... still pertinent to our times.”—Goodreads