One part Dashiell Hammett, one part Dan Brown—

When Theophilus, a Roman merchant, is tasked by King Herod to find the body of Christ and prove he didn't rise from the dead, Theophilus goes down a road that will change everything he ever believed in.

From the author of The Mouse that Roared.

Also previously published under the titles Testament of Theophilus, The Seven Hills, and Merchant of Rome.

“Mr. Wibberley has woven several important and widely neglected truths about nascent Christianity into an absorbing story.”New York Times

Each of the first three Gospels calls attention to the Roman centurion—Longinus—who officiated at the Crucifixion, and it is through the life-changing story of this duty-bound soldier that Leonard Wibberley—author of The Mouse That Roared and a devout Catholic—achieves, with a shrewd appreciation of human motives, a thoroughly fresh interpretation of the Gospel story of Christ’s ministry and Passion.

"Many words have been written about the ministry and passion of Christ, yet this versatile local author brings to the timeless subject such an intense fresh point of view expressed in a novel of vigorous vital prose that the reader feels a sense of mounting excitement as though hearing the plot for the first time."—Los Angeles Times

★★★★★ “It is a very moving, delicately constructed novel, with a wonderful feeling for the dawn of Christianity in the Roman world."—Amazon Reviewer





Two stories of human faith and spiritual renewal set in an isolated, mid-century Irish Catholic fishing village from the author of The Mouse that Roared.


Young Jack Joyce prays to have strong hands like his father. But when a storm hits his small island off the coast of Ireland, it's Jack who must save the family.


On the Atlantic coast of Ireland, there is an isolated Catholic fishing village built into the mountain of the pagan sea god Mananaan. Here there is a constant conflict between the church and the ancient Celtic superstitions still cherished by the village folk.

But then one day, the sleepy village is awakened by the arrival of a stranger. Over the next few days, a deaf man regains his hearing, a childless woman finds the child she's always longed for, and a murder mystery is unearthed—leaving the village questioning their beliefs.

★★★★★—Amazon Review

A cynical, American journalist is tasked with interviewing an elderly priest named Father Felix who refuses to leave his mission, which is caught in the path of opposing armies during the Blemi Civil War in Africa.


As Weathers makes his way to the mission, he learns more and more about this stubborn priest. When he finally arrives at the mission, his lack of faith in humanity is challenged.

★★★★★ “There is one conversation between the main character and a spy that makes the book amazing. Even though the book is a quick read it still manages to achieve tones of The Old Man and the Sea. The priest is the main characters desperate and defining catch. Little jewel that aged well.”—Amazon ReviewIt is a very moving, delicately constructed novel, with a wonderful feeling for the dawn of Christianity in the Roman world.”—Amazon Reviewer