Having had occasion to look around for "something to read," with long and short pieces that would not prove too deeply engaging, Leonard Wibberley curated a personal selection of such choices from his writings. They are both published and unpublished works by this thoughtful and humorous man.


★★★★★"The stories here remind me of Mark Twain. They are that wonderful."—Amazon Review

★★★★★"A good read 40 years ago. A great read now."—Amazon Review


A witty, affectionate, and delightfully informal look at Irish history, told from the point of view of Leonard Wibberley (author of The Mouse that Roared), who was raised both in Ireland and in England.

“…a racy, lively account of Irish history.”—Boston Globe


“Wibberley has an eye for the ‘chronic shortcomings’ and ‘talented imbecility’ of the Irish and a sympathy for their long oppression. He tells their story with color and vigorous concern.”—Kirkus Reviews


“…infused throughout with a special sort of good nature which frequently finds its best expression in humor.”—Chicago Tribune


“This little book is a marvel in fairness as well as condensation… Personal and witty.”—NY Herald Tribune

★★★★★ “I stumbled across this book in my college library while researching for a thesis. Wibberley, who was educated in both Ireland and England, paints an amusing, brief picture of some of the history of Ireland and Ireland’s relationship with England. He mixes wit in with sometimes tragic history in what seems to me to be a very Irish fashion. It’s one of my favorite books, which has since been tracked down...”—Amazon Review


A captivating portrait of one of history’s most compelling figures—Winston Churchill—told with the usual wit and charm of Leonard Wibberley.

Many books have been written about Winston Churchill at his finest hour as Britain’s leader during World War II, but few tell the stories of the his youth—as a rebellious schoolboy, as a daring young soldier who took part in cavalry charges and in hand-to-hand combat in India and Africa, and as a brazen foreign correspondent, covering wars in Sudan, Cuba, India, and South Africa.

This entertaining biography also covers Churchill’s surprising rise as a novelist of 40 books and not-so-surprising rise as statesman—all experiences that shaped the great world leader he became.


Suitable for young readers as well as old.

“A gratifying introduction to an interesting person.”—Kirkus Review

★★★★★ “This was an excellent resource for delving into what I thought was going to be a boring subject.”—Amazon Review


“Mr. Wibberley has succeeded admirably in bringing to life the young Churchill, whose life was so different from that of most American boys.”—The Saturday Review, Books for Young People

“The author wields a colorful, lively, up-close style and incorporates plenty of action from Winston Churchill’s adventurous life. Several pages of photos enhance the book’s charisma.”—from Churchill: A Concise Bibliography By Buckley Barry Barrett

The Coronation Book: The History and Legends of the Crowning of the British Monarchy

The crowning of a British monarch is one of the oldest, most colorful and most romantic rituals in the world.


Its roots reach back through history into legend. Almost everything about the ceremony stems from distant tradition—from the officers who attend to the robes they wear and the tales of heroism and terror that surround the Crown Jewels.


Leonard Wibberley has brought together the varied and often inaccessible facts of the Coronation—a ceremony steeped in antiquity and unsurpassed in splendor—and has transformed them with skill and charm into a fascinating book rich in lore and humor.


What is the story of the Star of Africa—the 516-carat diamond in the Royal Scepter? Of the Stone in the Scone? Of the Royal Coach? Mr. Wibberley has answered those and other questions in a breezy, anecdotal book.Saturday Review

“With eyes turned this year to the big event in England, here is an absorbing portrait of its many aspects—legendary, historical, ceremonial—by a man who has Britain in his blood.”—Kirkus Review