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Leonard Wibberley

“As funny as it is charming.”

The New York Times

“Along with his beautifully cockeyed humor, his lovely faculty for needlesharp, ironic jabs delivered where they'll do the most good, and his nice talent for storytelling, Wibberley has serious things to suggest and he suggests them admirably.”

San Francisco Chronicle


Christian Science Monitor

The Complete 5-Book Series Chronicling the Adventures of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick is Now Available on Kindle and Paperback

Leonard Wibberley

“Father Joseph Bredder is one of the most satisfactory of religious detectives, with commendably greater interest in saving a soul than in solving a case.”

—The New York Times

The Father Bredder Mystery Series:
The Saint Maker
Secret of the Doubting Saint
A Pact with Satan
Deliver Us from Wolves
Flowers by Request
Out of the Depths
A Touch of Jonah
A Problem in Angels
The Mirror of Hell
The Devil to Play
A Corner of Paradise

Open Books

The acclaimed seven-book series (starting with John Treegate's Musket) chronicling the adventures of the generations of the Treegate family from the birth of the Revolutionary War through the War of 1812, ending at the Battle of New Orleans.

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