The Grand Fenwick Book Series is now available on Kindle!

Books 2 through 5 are best read after The Mouse That Roared, but all of the books can be read and enjoyed at any point in the series.

Book 1: The Mouse That Roared
Book 2: The Mouse On The Moon
Book 3: The Mouse On Wall Street
Book 4: The Mouse That Saved The West
Book 5: Beware Of The Mouse (A Grand Fenwick Prequel)


Leonard Wibberley
The Mouse That Roared

In Leonard Wibberley’s classic political satire, a tiny backwards country decides the only way to survive a sudden economic downturn is to declare war on the United States and lose to get foreign aid – but things don’t go according to plan.




“As funny as it is charming.—The New York Times


“Ingenious.”—Christian Science Monitor

Leonard Wibberley
The Mouse On The Moon

The Duchy of Grand Fenwick, the world's smallest country, whose army of 20 longbow men defeated the United States in The Mouse that Roared is back again.


While the Americans and the Soviets are racing to claim the moon, Grand Fenwick's famous physicist makes the perfect rocket fuel from the zingiest wine in the world and the SPACE RACE IS ON!


“Wibberley's spot-on parody of dialectic politics is probably even more relevant today.”—Goodreads Reviewer

“Zany whimsy... A hilarious trip to the moon.”—Life Magazine

Leonard Wibberley
The Mouse On Wall Street

Gloriana XII—The Original Wolf of Wall Street.


Grand Fenwick is at it again, this time upsetting the world's economy. The tiny country’s secret weapon this time is its Grand Pinot chewing gum. When sales boom during an anti-smoking campaign, Grand Fenwick’s investment is suddenly worth millions.


In an attempt to rid Grand Fenwick of its crippling budget surplus, Duchess Gloriana XII decides the stock market is the perfect place to lose it all. Instead, she makes millions more and ends up wreaking havoc on the world economy.


“Wibberley is in great form. For imaginative story-telling and funny but meaningful satire this latter-day Swift is unbeatable.”—The Los Angeles Times


Leonard Wibberley
The Mouse That Saved The West


The fourth book brings the Duchy of Grand Fenwick's most extraordinary achievement yet—the defeat of OPEC and the happy solution to the world's oil crisis, which came about through the best that international diplomacy has to offer: duplicity and dumb luck.


It all began when the Count of Mountjoy, the prime minister of Grand Fenwick, was unable to get a hot bath because of the fuel shortage…


“…an excellent book to read on a cool, wet afternoon.”—LibraryThing Review


“Fun and recommended for fans of Wibberley's books.”—LibraryThing Review

Leonard Wibberley
Beware Of The Mouse

A prequel to the bestselling classic The Mouse That Roared. Set in the year 1450, the tiny Duchy of Grand Fenwick, ruled by the benevolent and noble Sir Roger and armed with its army of expert longbowmen, had existed peacefully without threat of invasion for decades. But when a rascally Irish Knight stumbles across its borders with news that the French were set to attack and that they had a new weapon of mass destruction called “the cannon,” the Irishman and Sir Roger must find a way to drop their differences and fight together, a feat made even more difficult when Sir Roger’s daughter, the Lady Matilda becomes unduly enamored in the Irish newcomer.


“A rousing tale full of nimble wit and sound scaffolding… A spoof with sense and sensibility.”—Boston Sunday Herald


“My personal favorite of the Mouse series... 5 Stars!”—LibraryThing Review


Leonard Wibberley
The Boxed Set

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