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From the bestselling author of The Mouse That Roared comes a witty tale of a leprechaun in New York. Timothy Patrick Fergus Kevin Sean Desmond McGillicuddy (for short) is a leprechaun diplomat on a mission to convince the President of the United States to halt the construction of a new U.S.-owned airport on a tract of Little People land in Ireland. With the belief "mischief is me nature" and the help of a 10-year-old American boy, he proves wee folk a big force to be reckoned with.

This special 60th Anniversary edition features a new Introduction by journalist and author Quentin Fottrell, memorabilia with Rosalind Russell, original cover art by Aldren A. Watson, and previously unpublished photos of the author. A timeless classic, McGillicuddy McGotham will charm adults and young readers alike.


“Leonard Wibberley is that rare writer who can combine satire and fantasy and humor and storytelling, and who can write with equal appeal for young readers and adults. All his special abilities and his good qualities combine in this fanciful tale.”Los Angeles Times


“...a fantasy which is both a funny fairy tale and a satire on a good many present day realities.”Chicago Sunday Tribune Magazine of Books

The Ballad of the Pilgrim Cat - Leonard Wibberley
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In a moment of weakness, Leonard once brought home a kitten for his daughter only to realize he was allergic to cats. He wrote this whimsically humorous Thanksgiving poem about a young pilgrim girl and the raffish cat she adopts after it stows away on the Mayflower with an inhaler by his typewriter and a curse on his lips.

"It is a family tradition to read this every Thanksgiving Day at our house. A treasure!"—Google Books Review



"A Thanksgiving History Lesson Taught By a Cat, Imagine That, Taught By a Cat..."—Amazon Review

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