Young John Forrester never knew his father, a man who left his family and his home in England in search of the treasure of El Dorado...and disappeared.

But when he receives news that his father is still alive and being held prisoner in Spain, John is thrust on a mission to save him...but he must save England first.

"Singeing the King of Spain's Beard" was what Queen Elizabeth and Sir Francis Drake called the daring and successful English raid on the Spanish fleet in the Bay of Cadiz in 1587.

"Elizabethan Commando."—The New York Times


"Delightful reading for adults and thrilling fare for teenagers."—Los Angeles Times

An unofficial sequel to the most popular pirate tale ever told—Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island.

Inspired by the opening line of the famous novel in which Jim Hawkins tells of a “treasure not yet lifted” still hidden on an unknown island, Leonard Wibberley penned this tale of what became of literature's most beloved “bad guy”—Long John Silver—and what happened to the remaining treasure.

Wibberley, in his foreword, tells how he came to write Flint's Island, “I realized I must myself, however unworthy, attempt to supply the story of what happened to the remaining treasure or die with that question, raised in childhood, unanswered.“

A gratifyingly bloody and piratical tale, dominated by one of fiction's great hero-rogues, the endlessly cunning, forever evil Long John Silver.


★★★★ “Suspense see-saws over betrayal, disasters, triumphs, escapes, more losses than gains. Brutality of deceptive pirate - death, starvation, thirst, exposure - exceeds natural danger from sea storms.”—Goodreads Reviewer


★★★★ “It was truly a pleasure to meet once again the infamous Long John Silver.”Goodreads Reviewer


A man diagnosed with inoperable cancer sells his belongings to fulfill a lifelong dream to go on safari in Africa and hunt an elephant. But as he tracks the great creature, a bond forms between the hunter and the hunted, transforming the man and helping face his own death.


“Beautifully, poetically wrought, this short novel echoes with a depth found in the best of fiction.”—Robert Kirsch, Los Angeles Times


“All that a reader might expect from this author is contained in this little allegory which stands with Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea—a modern, exciting story of heroic adventure that, like Melville’s Moby Dick, contains the truths of living human selfishness and love.”—Long Beach Press-Telegram


17th century pirates, swashbuckling action, and romance...

19-year-old Tom Lincoln is captured by the notorious pirate Henry Morgan and forced into a life of piracy. To escape and rescue another prisoner—the teenage niece of the Governor of Panama—Tom must unlock the secret of a mysterious cutlass he found in a cave filled with dead men on an uncharted island.

★★★★★ "Well-written, fast-paced, historically accurate, with a great story, wonderful characters, and an overall theme and message that lingers. Suitable for all ages. I have recommended it to adults (in their 40s and 50s) and they love it. Even 'modern' kids do/will. I cannot recommend it highly enough."—Goodreads Review

★★★★★ "This was one of my favorite books of childhood—a swashbuckling coming-of-age story with indelible characters. This is a masterful tale, and it is a shame it is not well-known. I highly recommend it."—Amazon Review


When 16-year-old, high school student Nick Orsmby finds himself mysteriously transported back in time to the pirate ship of Captain Roberts--who's searching for King Solomon's gold--Nick must figure out how to reverse a curse that's plagued his family or die on the gallows.

★★★★ "Exciting, vivid, swashbuckling."—Goodreads Review

In this high-seas, historical adventure, 16-year-old orphan Peter Millet discovers that his wicked guardian, his uncle, had been a slave trader and was involved in the kidnapping of a young English girl.


Peter teams up with an ex-slave, and together they must face mutiny and shipwreck in order to find the girl and return her to her father.


★★★★★ “If you loved Treasure Island and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, then this book is for you!”—Goodreads Review


Two seafaring tales filled with gripping action, tests of the human spirit, and life lessons.


The Colonial Army led by George Washington has laid siege to the British forces in Boston at the beginning of the Revolutionary War, but they will have to withdraw unless they get more supplies—especially gunpowder.

This exciting historical adventure tells the tale of George Royall (a young, reluctant lieutenant in the Colonial Navy) who is charged with sailing a secret cargo of gunpowder to Boston—a daring mission that involves Dutch spies, a British blockade, and a young woman who refuses to accept her station and plays an integral part in the mission as she also captures Royall’s heart.

“Derring-do and much lore of the sea. This is satisfying fare.”—Kirkus Review

★★★★★—Goodreads Review


On his sixteenth birthday, Bill Smith’s father reads him the Parable of the Talents in the Bible and sends him from home with one hundred dollars and a charge to return in a year with his “talents” increased.

Bill immediately loses his money to a shyster and is shanghaied aboard a clipper ship bound to South America, forcing Bill on a high seas adventure filled with hardships as he travels from Argentina to the Orient and struggles to make his way back home.


★★★★★ “If you loved Treasure Island and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, then this book is for you!”—Goodreads Review